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It’s January. It’s cold and sometimes dreary.

Everyone has a cold. Or is on a diet. No. No. No. Fight back. Find an excuse to have a party—it’s Monday night! My unbirthday! The cat had kittens! You made it through the day! Now, what to drink?

Sometimes the past knocks and you want to open the door. Or, in this case, the bottle. Erin Archuleta, whom I met years ago when we worked on Modern Asian Flavors, wondered if I would like to try a new product she represents: Eppa SuperFruit Sangria. Why ever not?

My book, Summer Cocktails, includes a recipe for sangria. It’s just a terrific wine-based, fruit and fruit-juice laced drink suitable for just about any not-too-serious occasion any time of year. And it goes with all sorts of foods. I thought, since the samples arrived before the holidays, to save them for a party. But then I tasted it. And drank the bottle. And the next. Not all on the same day. It tastes juicy, lively, and, well, fun. It’s at its best cold, maybe over ice, with a slice of lemon or lime. And you only have to twist off the cap.

At this point, we know, I hope, that red wine in moderation can be part of a healthy diet. If you like to lace your diet with anti-oxidants, Eppa mixes its organic Mendocino-sourced Cabernet and Syrah wines with what the company calls “superfruits” (also all organic): pomegranate, blueberry, blood orange, and acai juices. Anti-oxidants galore and all for 120 calories a glass. If you are counting. If you are simply interested in a little fun to brighten the weather of January, February, June, and July (as the song goes), try Eppa for yourself. It’s available at  Whole Foods and on-line plus the site has a store locator.

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