Vintage Orange Juicer and Lemon Squeezer

I love these squeezers, especially the orange one.

It may not be the sexiest machine for squeezing citrus, but, after so many others I’ve fallen for wound up getting thrown out in frustration, I was thrilled when I found this sturdy, coated model in a cooking equipment catalog.

When I grew up, my mother had a series of hand citrus squeezers exactly like the orange one pictured. Except. It was not coated, as these are, so it became more and more pitted and eventually would be eaten through. Thus “a series” of duplicate squeezers.

hand citrus squeezersI bought 5 of the Vintage Orange Juicers and gave them to my sisters, my niece, my friends. It squeezes oranges, of course, but also lemons, limes, and small grapefruit. The strainer catches seeds. You can squeeze fruit remarkably fast and the action is easy on wrists and elbows.

I recently bought the smaller, yellow lemon squeezer for when I want to squeeze a single lemon or lime. It’s not as efficient as the orange juicer–it leaves extractable juice behind–but it still works well enough.

You can find the Vintage Orange Juicer Hand Press Citrus Squeezer through an Internet search. The usual catalogs and sites no longer carry it. It’s 8 1/2″ L x 5: W x 5″ H and costs about $27.  The hand-held lemon squeezer is available all over the Internet as well as in supermarkets and cookware and hardware shops.


Earlier tonight I cooked the cabbage with some tofu and
vegetables and made some rice and it was good! Thanks for giving me
more confidence in the kitchen!

-Jackie Kramer SF

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