Truffle and Salt

truffle and saltWow. Now this stuff is amazing. Salt is the new in thing: smoked, seasoned, hand raked, purified, whatever. This one has little flecks of black truffle throughout and when you lift the lid and sniff?Well. It’s close to heaven. The first time I tasted it, we’d put some in a vegetable dish. When we sat down to eat, we could not figure out why it tasted so great. Then we remembered the salt and brought it to the table. Soon, we were trying it on just about everything. A sprinkle on cheese. Go ahead. On polenta or risotto? Do it! I’ve saved truffle oil for special occasions and then had it go rancid. Having the truffle in the salt means it should keep much longer and retain that powerful, indescribable, immediately addictive aroma.


“Your lesson taught me more than I had expected. I thought that I was a good cook, but helping me use my tools more efficiently, and introducing new tools will help my cooking in months to come.”

-Ria German-Carter

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