John Cope’s Toasted Dried Sweet Corn

John Cope's Dried Sweet CornA turkey soup I had as a teenager still lingers. It’s that soup I want to recreate every year.

I was visiting my roommate in Pennsylvania and the recipe was from her grandmother. She said the secret was John Cope’s Toasted Sweet Dried Corn, a Pennsylvania Dutch ingredient. Tabby sometimes sends me the corn but this year I found it at Zingerman’s. So I am ready for my favorite Thanksgiving dish–turkey soup. And because turkey and corn, in my┬ámind, requires chile as a third muskateer, I always add some dried hot chiles to my soup.


“We made the pears again for Christmas dinner! Everyone thought that it was an incredible dessert! I’ve also made the Caesar salad several times since our lesson.”

-Ria German-Carter in SF

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