John Cope’s Toasted Dried Sweet Corn

John Cope's Dried Sweet CornA turkey soup I had as a teenager still lingers. It’s that soup I want to recreate every year.

I was visiting my roommate in Pennsylvania and the recipe was from her grandmother. She said the secret was John Cope’s Toasted Sweet Dried Corn, a Pennsylvania Dutch ingredient. Tabby sometimes sends me the corn but this year I found it at Zingerman’s. So I am ready for my favorite Thanksgiving dish–turkey soup. And because turkey and corn, in my┬ámind, requires chile as a third muskateer, I always add some dried hot chiles to my soup.


Thanks again for a great boost in getting our kitchen functioning. What a difference! I can actually get implements out of the drawer without a struggle. I made a carrot salad for dinner with no hassle because the Cuisinart was at hand to shred the carrots! Yay!

-Francesca Bannerman, SF

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