A Better Beater Blade

I’ve just┬ádiscovered making┬ápie pastry in the KitchenAid stand mixer using the Metro Design Beater Blade. It does an amazing job. Am I the last one to know this?!beater blade

Tonight I was sharing my new pie pastry skills with my neighbor. We made pastry by hand and then in the KitchenAid. I have the big 6-quart model and he has one, too. I thought I would use the Beater Blade. As it cut the butter into the flour, I noticed that the blade actually began to flake the butter pieces. You can get lovely flakes when working by hand but I’ve not seen this in the mixer with the regular paddle attachement. And a food processor just cuts the butter pieces into smaller and smaller pieces.

The real revelation came when I sprinkled in some ice water. The pastry came together with a very small amount! And the pastry remained very cold. It’s relaxing now and we’ll roll out our pastry tomorrow. I am wondering what differences there might be between the handmade batch and the Beater Blade batch. Stay tuned!


Today I enjoyed the beautiful loaf of bread I baked last night, and it was glorious! My husband loved it, too, and had it for breakfast and lunch. I felt so proud and accomplished and could not believe I’d actually produced it myself. However, I realize that most of the thanks goes to you for teaching me so well the other day. Thank you!

-Laura Wilson Hill, San Francisco

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