Spicy, Roasted Chickpeas

chicknutsWhen you first sit down at San Francisco’s wonderful Mexican restaurant, Nopalito, you are given a small bowl of spicy, roasted chickpeas.

I find them addictive. Thank goodness G eats only a few and lets me finish them. I’d not thought of making them myself though I see plenty of recipes online. I suppose I should try it. But. On my recent shopping expedition to Clement Street in San Francisco I found a bag of Sanjay’s Chicknuts. They’re spicy, salty, crunchy. (Ingredients: chickpeas, canola oil, cumin, black pepper, allspice, garlic, chili, and salt. Since they’re chickpeas, they qualify as a healthy snack. However, it’s hard to believe anything so tasty is without a downside. So I weighed out a portion, 50 grams. A small handful. And I do mean small. Maybe 20 to 25 chickpeas. And those 50 g equal 190 calories. 8 calories each?! To get full value per calorie, I should have eaten them with Zen-like attention, not just knocked them back. Knowledge is power. I guess. Good thing Clement Street is not on my usual shopping route.

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