Refrigerator Diaries Day 6

full fridge Day 6 Will this fridge ever empty? Or is it a stand-in for the milk jug in the fable  that never emptied no matter how much was poured from it?

Alone for breakfast, I finished the tofutti cream cheese spread on whole wheat toast with some of the remaining figs from Saturday’s fig bar baking.  And there is plenty more left, too.

Rummaging through the fridge for inspiration for lunch, I discover half a bunch of dill that’s gone gooey. And what had been a beautiful broccoli romanesco is over the hill. Both hit the compost. This is not an advertisement for good fridge management. My stomach and mood both sink when we waste food.  Those vegetables came from a terrific farmer. He held up his end of the bargain. So did the sun and earth. And I dropped the ball. I feel somehow disrespectful. Meanwhile, Rebecca Katz’s Magic Mineral Broth, assorted vegetables, brown rice, and julienned tofu skins make a great, light soup for lunch.

Day 6 dinnerGeff had defrosted some red chile sauce he’d made. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it. Was it good? So for dinner, he makes open-face enchiladas. First he makes tortillas and uses up the fresh masa. He dips the tortillas in the hot sauce and tops them simply with crumbled feta and scallions. The feta is probably not the right cheese but we use what we have an he didn’t see the container of farmer’s cheese which he might have liked better. The beans he makes,  however, are delicious. These, too, are from the freezer, and heirloom variety from Tierra Vegetables. He sautes the last stalk of green garlic and purees it with the beans and a little stock. We add a green salad with the last of my favorite watermelon radishes. Before bed, I make G a whole wheat toast sandwich with cheese, tapenade, and horseradish.

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“We made the pears again for Christmas dinner! Everyone thought that it was an incredible dessert! I’ve also made the Caesar salad several times since our lesson.”

-Ria German-Carter in SF

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