Refrigerator Diaries Day 5

full fridge Day 5We’ve hit the midweek doldrums. Which is not to say the food doesn’t taste good, it does, it’s just not new.

At breakfast I stumble on the leftover fig “goop” that went into the filling for the fig bars over the weekend. Goop is an all-purpose description for many of the foods Ann and I forage and cook when I visit her in Davis. The goop makes a great treat with yogurt. Geff’s brings up his clam chowder from the freezer. We are both out for lunch. He opts out of dinner, and I have warmed artichoke hearts and brown rice sprinkled with farmer’s cheese. But today was egg-pick-up day at Larry Hall’s pilates studio, The Center Studio. So we have some beautiful fresh, pasture-raised eggs from Shelly’s Garden.

I make Geff a cheese, tapenade, and pickled onion sandwich to take to work. It’s often a question as to whether he will eat the sandwiches I make him. He’s become somewhat suspicious of what he considers to be the odd ingredients—pickled onions, for instance, or harissa (one of my favorite condiments)—I sometimes add.

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What we’ve done thus far makes me so happy. And knowing I have your help to move forward has me relaxed and really enjoying the process instead of feeling anxious and inadequate.

-Suzanne Harris

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