Refrigerator Diaries Day 3

Day 3 before breakfast

Day 3 before breakfast

Today was a holiday so we started with sourdough pancakes and bacon. The boys love to cover their stacks with yogurt and sliced bananas.

Geff brought up a container of his seafood gumbo from the freezer and made brown rice. That was lunch and provided more leftovers to shove into the fridge.

The remaining pancakes made provided afternoon snacks and the leftover cabbage went to the same cause. Instead of a family meal at dinner, I went to yoga, one boy was out, and the two remaining males made do with more leftovers for dinner: chicken and salad. Is “leftovers” my favorite word?

Even more leftovers went into sandwiches for school and work: steak, chicken, plus peanut butter and honey, and oranges. Usually we would send apples with the boys but we’ve not made time to shop for them.

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I feel so empowered! So much happened in just two sessions.

-Diane Loeb

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