Indispensable Tools and Equipment

A Better Beater Blade

A terrific, quick method for making pie pastry using a Beater Blade.

Vintage Orange Juicer and Lemon Squeezer

Vintage Orange Juicer and Lemon Squeezer

A dependable, easy-to-use citrus squeezer is a basic tool necessary in every kitchen.

Microplane Grater/Zester

This grater/zester was the first new tool I’d found in a long time that seemed to really change my cooking habits. It’s now on my list of required tools. I use it for citrus zest and for grating nutmeg, ginger, chocolate, and fresh horseradish (which you can buy at farmers’ markets here in San Francisco. […]

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Everyone can cook for themselves and enjoy it.

-Penni Wisner

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