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Stoneware Potato Storage Container

Stoneware Potato Storage Container

In the summer, I often abandon my own garden to the fog and house sit for a friend in Sonoma County where I revel in the heat and light. And the Healdsburg Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. The bright, sunny display of ceramics displayed each week by Alan and Donna Podesto of Architectural Ceramic Design always […]

Crusty Bread Demands a Sharp Knife

Crusty Bread Demands a Sharp Knife

David Lebovitz’s May blog post on bread knives reminded me of a story. Back in 1999 I took a five-day bread baking class called Artisan I at the San Francisco Baking Institute. This is a baking class for professionals (also open to home cooks) and we baked in a professional deck oven with its automatic […]

Keeping Knives Sharp

We marvel at the sharpness of a new kitchen knife: Look how it slices through an onion so fast there’s no time for tears! Look how fast it juliennes a zucchini and how precise the cuts are! Look how quickly it reduces a pile of parsley to a fine mince! Look how—whoops! Just cut my […]

Favorite Kitchen Tools

Favorite Kitchen Tools

Use your head to save your heels. That was one of my mom’s favorite quotes from her mother. And yes, I am guilty of repeating it to the boys. Because the meaning has become so internalized (A ‘fridge magnet says, “I am not my mother.” And I. Am. Not. At least I hope not. Am […]

New Kitchen Knives and Sharp Kitchen Knives

New Kitchen Knives and Sharp Kitchen Knives

Guilty. I’ve let my kitchen knives get dull. Yes, even me, the one who tisks at clients’ dull knives. I could give you excuses, but that’s all they are. A couple of years ago, I dropped my favorite Wustof 8-inch chef’s knife and the tip broke. My knife sharpener reshaped it for me into a […]

Gel Chefs’ Fatigue Mats

When I first stepped on a gel kitchen mat, it was love at first step. Cooking requires a lot of standing. Which is hard on the feet and legs. Good fatigue mats provide great cushioning and, in my opinion, every kitchen should have one.

Kitchen Scales

Kitchen Scales

When my kitchen scale stopped working, I panicked. I’m not sure I know how to cook without one.

Power Blender Envy Blender Love

A powerful blender makes great smoothies, sure, but it also makes quick work of tomato sauce, chili sauce, pureed soups, vegetable and herb purees. It even grinds grain into flour or sprouted wheat berries to fold into nutritious breads.

The Cook’s Best Friend: Instant-Read Thermometers

Is the chicken done roasting? The bread baked? The custard cooked? There are millions of culinary occasions when you need fast, accurate temperatures.

Handheld Mandolines

These small, super-sharp mandolines are so easy to use and store that they quickly become indispensible.

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Thanks again for a great boost in getting our kitchen functioning. What a difference! I can actually get implements out of the drawer without a struggle. I made a carrot salad for dinner with no hassle because the Cuisinart was at hand to shred the carrots! Yay!

-Francesca Bannerman, SF

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