Of Anchovies and Cat Food

Of Anchovies and Cat Food

Good anchovies make food for the gods. Poor quality anchovies=cat food.

The Cook’s Best Friend: Instant-Read Thermometers

Is the chicken done roasting? The bread baked? The custard cooked? There are millions of culinary occasions when you need fast, accurate temperatures.

Handheld Mandolines

These small, super-sharp mandolines are so easy to use and store that they quickly become indispensible.

Truffle and Salt

Truffle and Salt

This salt will turn a plain dish into something extravagant.

John Cope’s Toasted Dried Sweet Corn

John Cope’s Toasted Dried Sweet Corn

An ingredient from the Pennsylvania Dutch that captures all the sweetness of corn and makes turkey soup sit up and sing.

A Better Beater Blade

A terrific, quick method for making pie pastry using a Beater Blade.

Vintage Orange Juicer and Lemon Squeezer

Vintage Orange Juicer and Lemon Squeezer

A dependable, easy-to-use citrus squeezer is a basic tool necessary in every kitchen.

Microplane Grater/Zester

This grater/zester was the first new tool I’d found in a long time that seemed to really change my cooking habits. It’s now on my list of required tools. I use it for citrus zest and for grating nutmeg, ginger, chocolate, and fresh horseradish (which you can buy at farmers’ markets here in San Francisco. […]


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