Kitchen Assessment

Think of it as a sort of kitchen tune up. You get an in-depth understanding of you in your kitchen: What your needs and goals are, what you’d like to change and what stands in the way of making those changes. How you shop and plan (or not)? What equipment do you need (or not)? What do you cook? We’ll inventory of your pantry, fridge, and cupboards and assess your work space organization. To follow up, you will receive a personalized plan with suggestions for next steps, resources, and lesson plans.

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I have known her for years and been impressed by her willingness to understand in detail each phase of the wine business. She has vision, common sense and tenacity.

-Robert Mondavi

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Over 30 years as a food and wine professional, writer, and editor.

Cookbook author including:
'The Tra Vigne Cookbook' for Michael Chiarello,
'The Basque Kitchen' for Gerald Hirigoyen
and 'BurgerBar' for Hubert Keller.

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