Homemade Convenience Food

San Francisco weather keeps the appetite jumping.

One moment it’s summer and we want tomatoes, corn, cucumbers. They are not in the fridge. On the next day, it rains and the wind rips the flowers from the trees. The petals snow-dance in wind eddies out the window, the spirits droop, and the belly says, “Soup.” Plan ahead? Forget about it.

Freezer to the rescue! This soup, not made from scratch and not from a can, was assembled from ingredients previously cooked and frozen. I tossed them together into a pot and heated. Homemade convenience food—inexpensive, healthy, fast, and comforting.

From the freezer, I pulled a quart of Rebecca Katz’s miraculous Magic Mineral Broth. The recipe appears in both her One Bite at a Timeand The Cancer-Fighting Kitchencookbooks. It’s a recipe, as Jamie Oliver might say, definitely worth passing along. I found a container holding about 2 cups of some delicious heritage beans from Tierra Vegetables that I had cooked a few weeks before plus a pound of cubed, roasted squash. Into the soup pot they went to simmer with a favorite spice mix, harissa (caraway, cumin, coriander, and chilies); and finally, for just enough time to wilt and brighten in color, a chiffonade of dinosaur kale. A plateful drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil chased those blues away.

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  1. lydia-jane failing
    17. May 2010 um 10:16

    WOW! I’m so impressed….I was seeing your postings on Facebook, but hadn’t actually clicked through until today. Love your site, and what you’re doing: building your brand! Good for you!!! I need to do the same thing, I’m doing lots more artwork these days and want to get it out there.


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