Eeeuuu, Awww Growing Oyster Mushrooms at Home

day 1 oys mush 1When I went down to the laundry room determined to get rid of the nonproducing oyster mushroom log, I discovered growths that looked like a horror movie version of plantar warts! Eeeuuu.

The instructions had said to look for pinning within about 2 weeks. The little black “pins” would be the beginnings of mushrooms. But the log had lived in a closet for about 6 weeks and then had been hanging downstairs for several more. And nothing seemed to be happening.

But as I reached for the cord to take the “log” down, I noticed swellings that had actually pushed themselves through the plastic bag. Mighty mushrooms!

day 2 oys mush 1But by the next day, they were so cute: bouquets of tiny, velvety, silvery-gray tops held aloft by thick white stems. Awww.




day 3 oys mushBy day 3, they’d more than doubled in size. Maybe it is a horror movie if they continue to grow at this rate!







oyster mush day 5 2

I noticed that the log fruited only on the side that faced the laundry room window, so yesterday I moved it outdoors under the deck where it is brighter but still in shade.

And look how big they are on day 5. I have no idea when I should think about harvesting them but I am already thinking about eating them sauteed in a little olive oil. The mushrooms, if anyone needed any reason besides favor, to eat them, provide good nutritional value: they contain a good amount of protein, vitamins including riboflavin and niacin, as well as minerals including phosphorus, potassium, and copper.

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3 Responses to “Eeeuuu, Awww Growing Oyster Mushrooms at Home”

  1. Nancy
    27. March 2010 um 06:21

    that’s a whole lot of mushrooms penni!

  2. Caroline
    27. March 2010 um 08:20

    Ew! So creepy! Looking at these mushrooms just freaks me out. Yuck!

  3. penniw
    28. March 2010 um 12:52

    Yes, but. Once harvested, they were really delicious in a Thai noodle soup.

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The cooking was a huge success. My daughter is really thrilled with herself. She enjoyed herself so much that she made dinner last night. She also made the rice again that you made together. She likes it so much she sat around eating the leftovers. She is even making dinner now—pasta with meat and tomato sauce. She said she likes cooking and considers it a real interest. ¬†She grew an awful lot from the experience.

-Anne Doherty, San Francisco

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