Cooking Seasonally?! Yikes!

Musque de Provence pumpkins
Musque de Provence pumpkins

Sometimes, taking advantage of seasonal abundance can feel overwhelming.

This usually happens when I’ve let myself get seduced by, for instance, the Musque de Provence pumpkins from Mariquita Farm. They have so much personality, you want to adopt and name them. They also weigh between 6 and 12 pounds. Each.

When I brought 3 home, did I admit I got carried away? Of course not. Instead, I became obsessed. Despite my partner’s claim that he doesn’t like pumpkin, I’ve managed to produce a parade of pumpkin dishes that he’s liked (Whew!): pumpkin sourdough biscuits, pumpkin-apple soup with Vadouvan curry, and pumpkin pancakes. I’ve put pumpkin in my sourdough bread and in carrot soup. Both pretty good. There’s still 14 ounces of pumpkin water (drained from the flesh) and about 40 ounces of pureed flesh portioned out in the freezer.  Hmmmm.

Pumpkin pancakes are a staple around here. I keep thinking they should be seasonal but my family wants them all year. Since I am thrilled the pancakes have this effect, I accede to the request. Sometimes, I think, a cook is remembered for a single dish. Pumpkin pancakes may well be that for me.

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