One Bite at a Time

One Bite at a Time: Nourishing Recipes for Cancer Survivors and Their Friends

by Rebecca Katz (Celestial Arts/Ten Speed Press, $21.99)

What a delicious book! The recipes are approachable and turn out just as advertised in the beautiful photographs. And the book is practical, too, with chapters devoted to how friends and family can help support the cancer patient, a nutrition guide to ingredients, as well as nutritional information for each recipe.

But the book is for all of us. I’ve had a cold lately and lost my voice for days on end. To help me regain my sense of well-being, I made a restorative batch of her Magic Mineral Broth. “I’m not sure what grandma was channeling through me when I came up with the recipe. It is perhaps my greatest contribution so far. I made 23 gallons of it before I got it right.” If you don’t know of Rebecca Katz, do look at her web site where she has not only a great blog but a whole “culinary pharmacy.” If you are at all interested in how eating whole foods can improve your health, Rebecca Katz is the one to go to. I am looking forward to getting her brand new book, too: The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery. In it, she goes into even greater depth, for instance, how to cope with the taste changes cancer treatments can cause. But she never looses sight of her main mission: turning whole foods into “tasty bites of yum.”

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Today I enjoyed the beautiful loaf of bread I baked last night, and it was glorious! My husband loved it, too, and had it for breakfast and lunch. I felt so proud and accomplished and could not believe I’d actually produced it myself. However, I realize that most of the thanks goes to you for teaching me so well the other day. Thank you!

-Laura Wilson Hill, San Francisco

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