The Best Desserts to Try Out in Europe


It’s Christmas, and nothing says Christmas like dessert. If you have a sweet tooth and are traveling to Europe this year for the holiday season, then you will have plenty of desserts and sweet treat options to indulge in before you quickly take notice of your growing waistline. Europe is the perfect destination not just for traveling around but also for experiencing and sampling as many local delights as you can.

Other destinations in the world such as Asia have their fair share of incredible sweets and candies; however, Europe has a lot more popular desserts compared to any other continent. This fact should not come as a surprise as Europe was the very first country to introduce desserts during meals. European desserts are as varied and diverse as the countries and cultures they come from so you can be sure that there is a treat for everybody’s preference and taste. For a little inspiration during your European travels, here are the best desserts to try out in Europe:

Croquembouche in France
When in France, you will be spoilt for choice regarding the options available. However, while in France the croquembouche is an absolute must try. When translated, croquembouche “means crunch in the mouth,” and it is generally served during special occasions such as weddings but can be found in numerous eateries all over the city.

Cremeschnitte in Croatia
A cremeschnitte refers to a custard cream and vanilla cake dessert that is popular not just in Croatia but in other parts of central Europe as well. The Cremeschnitte must include a puff pastry base as well as custard cream but there are many other variations, depending on the region.

creme brulee

Crème Brûlée in Paris or Spain
Paris and Spain among other European countries have been debating for years as to which country has the right to claim the crème brûlée as originally theirs. In Spain, this soft egg and vanilla custard concealed under a thin layer of caramelized sugar is known as crema Catalana. Due to its popularity, this dessert is widely available in many parts of Europe.

Medovik in Russia
Medovik is a layered honey cake that is popular in Russia and the surrounding countries. Medovik takes quite a while to prepare, however; the end result is typically a lovely layered cake that is creamy and sure to melt in your mouth. The exterior of the cake is usually covered with any type of filling such as chocolate shavings or chopped nuts to make it even tastier and much more appealing.

Kugelhopf in Switzerland, Germany, or Austria
Traditional kugelhopf refers to a bundt cake that has been specked with nuts and an assortment of dried fruits before being flavored with kirsch. It is essentially a type of rich coffee cake that is served during holidays and special occasions but is now available everywhere as a regular treat.

Belgian waffles in Belgium
Let’s face it- everyone loves waffles. However, when the waffles are in Belgium, which is their birthplace, you can be sure that you are getting the real deal. Served with various choices of toppings and pearl sugar, Belgian waffles are a must try whenever you are in Europe.

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